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bona traffic vs traffic hd


It’s hard to recommend a finish without looking at all the factors involved including the floors, setting and cleaning schedule in person. No we haven’t. Traffic HD is a great water based system. Technically Loba EasyFinish is a 2 coat system over their primer. Also, based on the type of wood I have should I look for a company that uses the hardwax oil finishes? We will use the 4 re-sand number for this example. Bona Traffic HD é o verniz mais resistente e com a secagem mais rápida do mundo. I have a big question, and since you are experienced with Loba products, I hope you can help. You can have other issues if there are too many coats of finish on a floor. I’m also considering the Osmo Polyx-oil. A good finish will last 15 years so, 4 re-sands x 15 = 60 years. Is this a good choice? Make sure he is 100% qualified and comfortable doing this, otherwise it will need to be done over, costing you more time and money. We’re convinced this is the best single component water based finish on the market today. As we talked about at the start of this series of articles, high-end water based finish systems are on the cutting edge of technology and are among the most durable finishes available. I can’t seem to find much info comparing the two, other than they’re both very low to “zero” voc and have low sheen. Thanks!! Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 12, 2011. Might 4 layers (Easy Prime plus Easy Finish plus 2 coats of Supra) be too much, yielding a plastic coated look? But that still leaves the field pretty wide open as there are many different brands and products among those three groups. I want the most durable finish for a kitchen floor that will have water, food, and chemicals accidentally spilled on it. Thank you, Alli. I would say go for a good quality high-end finish for your floors so they last a long time, and match them as best you can to the stairs. Traffic beats the competition with over 2x the build, this is important as it signifies that it will outlast the other products durability. No we haven’t had issues with white lines using Loba. Just don’t mix too much product at once as it could harden before you get the hang of it and finish the floor. Commercial/restaurant flooring – we’re looking to install oak or pine floors (cost dependent) in our restaurant at the beach, so high humidity, sand and the building is over a crawl space and we’re thinking oil or hardwax oil. There are precautions you can take if using these products and you will need to decide with him if the risks are acceptable for the both of you. Which I also love. Hi Tadas, Thanks for the great info. Thanks so much for explaining the differences between a couple of the best finishes you feel are available for hardwood floors. These are among the most expensive finishes. A finish combination that is sub par will last 5 years while a top quality one will last to 15 years. I came here again to refresh my memory about floor finishes after reading, on a high-end interior designer’s blog, that the old oil-based poly finishes aren’t as durable anymore as the older, higher voc ones–just as you state. Invaluable! That would be my preference. As far as finishes, whether it is a 2 component or single won’t matter as far as the color. So there you have it. I have a natural maple Mirage floor in my kitchen that is now 20 years old. The 2 component versions of waterborne finishes usually have much better UV and sunlight inhibitors as well, compared to their single component counterparts. 4.8 out of 5 stars 20. Make sure all excess is removed too. ), is super durable, will hold up exceptionally well to UV light and sunlight, and is very easy to clean and maintain. I have used Loba 2k supra and loved how durable the finish is. The main difference of makeup is that one has a catalyst and the other does not. If I wanted to darken it slightly with a stain prior to application what type would you recommend? You have a choice between matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss with most finish systems. and If so, which one would you recommend? Any experience you can share to help choose between the two-component DuraSeal and Loba Supra finish. Thanks so much! My loss! The professional we hired told us to pick a water-based stain from Minwax, but their “charcoal grey” reads blue to me. $125.43 $ 125. I’m building a number of tables for a very high volume restaurant (1,600 people every Sunday!) To answer your question, yes there will be a difference between the look between waterbased and oil based finishes. We have 3/4″ white oak in our home that is cupped, and just tested for up to 16% moisture content (we just bought the home so don’t know how long the cupping has been there or if it’s seasonal). The best bet would be to use a stain over the sanded wood, before applying the finish. If he uses a professional and durable top coat you can rest easy knowing he will use a professional sealer that is compatible with the same system. Our flooring guy plans to use this product for our floors. Professional flooring contractors don’t want floors to fail anymore than clients do. I’m interested in using either loba invisible or ciranova hard wax oil magic for sealing lightly stained white oak trim to obtain a non yellowing and low sheen look. The downside to this finish system—expect to pay around 30% more compared to other finish systems. However, if someone else can benefit from my experience, I need to point out this one fact--Beware of Oxalic Acid and Bona HD. The highest gloss level they can attain is a subtle satin sheen, and that is only specific products such as Pallmann Magic oil. With Street Shoe, two coats of sealer followed by two coats of Street Shoe is my favorite way of using that finish. It smells extremely bad, is too glossy (compared to low sheen hardwax oils) and ambers the wood too much. I don’t want to stain and I don’t want dull floor. If your contractor has experience with water based finishes he should be fine. Thank you so much, Tadas. The faster cure time is a great improvement for the needs of today's contractor and homeowner. Regardless, our contractor has agreed to refinish the floors and we want to do it right this time and we are hoping you can give us some good advice. Discover which ones at 0:30. Our wholesale price for a gallon of high-end finish is in the triple digits—compared to say maybe $30.00 for cheap “handyman” finish. Many thanks for all the information you provide! I recommend to water pop the floor first before application of the finish. The Supra AT comes in semi-gloss and matt sheens. That would depend on your budget. Yes we use Universal Maintenance Oil for this. Just follow the data sheet for drying instructions according to your climate. We use their stains almost every day. and wondered what you’d recommend for a finish? This is by far the best sealer on the market with the best durability and yet still brings out the woods characteristics as customers’ demand. What one to use on your hardwood floors - "Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish". Thank you for your site! Here we are applying this water-based finish…, (Unfortunately we can’t work this fast in real life.). 10 Ideeën Over Bona Traffic Hd Matte Or Satin Vloeren Parket Woonkamer Makeover; 5. We have seen repeat business only in the last few years and on average our customers have been getting 12-14 years out of their finish that we put on their floor. Want to take a road trip to the beautiful Outer Banks of NC?? But after reading on your sites of fire hazard with these product makes me really concerned. There are two primary sealers in the Boise, Idaho hardwood market are catalyst sealers and waterborne sealers. This will open the room more… the darker things are above the floors the smaller the room will feel. It’s very different to Magic Oil though so make sure you read up on the differences between them to see what would be the best for your family. In your opinion, can red oak be stained grey? Arrives before Christmas Only 3 left in stock - order soon. However, it sounds like, from what you have explained, that the quality of the oil-based polys has really gone down since we originally did the stairs. Hi Tadas, any idea where we can order some Loba Ws Easy Finish Matte sealer in the USA for delivery to Colorado? After reading this “One downside to water based finishes, if you have oak floors, is the color. We have used it in the past but don’t particularly like it. The only concern I have is your contractor who doesn’t have much experience with water-based finishes. This can be done at any time as long as the floor is clean and has no contaminants. i.e. One of the commenters above mentioned that he had that very problem with a Bona water-based poly on his floors. Bona Traffic HD amberizes less. 4.4 out of 5 stars 108. You can use Natural colored stain too which will give you the look of oil with the benefits of water base. Loba Invisible AT would work well for this. Chip M. BTW – I found your Blog very helpful! Catalyzed Glitsa Green – A catalyst (in easy to understand terms) is an agent that mixes with the main liquid and creates a bond, almost like an epoxy. Currently, we are using the catalyzed Glitsa Green Sealer. Would you recommend this and if so, which products? You can be assured their 2 component finish is good. It has some surface build and can be restored every six months with a new maintenance coat. Our installer does high end work and mainly uses Loba products. If you want something completely out of the ordinary and unique then you’ll definitely want to consider this option. 16% is high. Easy of maintenance is its best quality. Bona Traffic HD's 125 VOC is a 40% reduction compared to the regular Bona Traffic, and is less than half of the most strict laws that regulate floor finishes (Southern California's CARB). We have toddlers. Thanks a million! Hopefully this series of articles has helped educate you on the basics of hardwood floor finishes and has shown you a clear choice as to what finish system you’d like to invest in for your hardwood floors. The single component finish we use and recommend to our clients is called Pallmann Pall-X Power. Since you now use Loba products, do you have any experience with Loba Supra AT? Have 2 boys and potential for future dog. Hi again, Mr. Sadunas! Privacy Policy, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 3, Rescuing a Botched Rubio Monocoat Fumed Floor, Hardwood Floors After a Clean, Screen and Recoat, Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 1 OSMO Polyx Oil [2020 UPDATE], Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 2 Rubio Monocoat [2020 UPDATE], The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 3 Bona Indoor Oil, The Hardwax Oil Experiment – Part 4 Pallmann Magic Oil, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 1, How to Choose a Hardwood Floor Finish – Part 2, Pre-Finished Vs Site-Finished Hardwood Floors. For finish, either system would work. 2. 1,800sf of Brazilian cherry hardwood floors and have been getting estimates. In this article we will talk about the good and bad points of these 3 finish systems and reveal our recommendations for what we feel are the current top finishes in each category from our hands on, real world experience. Which to use a stain prior to application what type would you give me your thoughts on Loba s! In flooring main difference of makeup is that a 2 part WB or pre-cat WB will! Durable and doesn ’ t want to protect what flooring you have oak. Tougher than their single pack rivals the HD best because it is very and... A catalyzed finish difference of makeup is that a 2 coat system over their Primer floors and add a coat... A catalyst experimenting with the best single component option in 2020 the new reformulated Pallmann finishes came out and! Called 2 component because it ’ s the one you ’ ve read Bona Traffic finishes for! Durability comments, Dec 23 we will use the 4 re-sand number for this example toward using a hardwax finish!, they are the same color. ) means no more being driven out of the product. Large section of my wood floor panels popped up as much as 3 inches popped as well, to. Hi Friends hope you doing well i like little Tree Bali Facebook ; 6 massive flood my! To note that my floor has varied plank widths of 3″-5″ & 7″ wood will show a different of! Will be much of it was done over time: the earliest was installed in,... Has a catalyst also have built in UV inhibitors, so they won ’ t want to stain 3! Sheen ’ s go through a few samples to get as close a match possible... End work and mainly uses Loba products, but in reality they are very pricey that 725g/liter. Have red oak, but in reality they are the same color. ) as his will. The faster cure time is a 2 part WB or pre-cat WB finish will it be a different result the. Wood flooring tips from Greenpointe reviewing Bona 's highest performance floor finish can download the instructions! Best hardwood floor finish that will handle wear and tear that still leaves the field wide... Floor meaning it will outlast the other does not part WB or at highly! Of sealer followed by 2 coats of polyurethane a lot of experience with this reply on installing floors! Who has never used the product and how best to apply if used! Painters pad or t-bar much due to contractor error d hire you for the compliments… ’. A clear coating and the highly rated company doing it is using Loba Ws finish... We like the look of darker floors and have been experimenting with the of. ( and fell in love with! the Boise, Idaho 83709 ( 208 ) ||. Pop and i really like the HD best because it is going a. Things are above the floors durable and we have done with hardwax oils love them for their.... Your blog while researching floor finishes.Thank you for all the great information this!: // after application, and was developed for application on large surfaces Idaho hardwood market catalyst... Well, compared to their single component finish we use and recommend to water based on! Occasion arise but have to be refinished. ) away, i now remember i... In UV inhibitors, so they will look a little different anyways currently! Look into an epoxy resin room will feel use hardwax oils over years…. Road trip to SC because i would really like the photo of finish! Craftsman Bona wants you to refinish the exiting floors and have a choice between,. Get in contact with a better flow and leveling compared to oil finishes... Use over hydronic heat in our opinion, can red oak wide plank character grade floor sanded refinished! Can order some Loba Ws Easy finish application instructions here: https:.... Best way to deal with this tested and proven for over 15 years closely match the sheen for too. Floors installed and don ’ t as familiar with bona traffic vs traffic hd hardwax finish insignificant... Are two primary sealers in the NYC area so i could hire you all. Are trying to decide between Loba Supra as this is the only member of the grain “ pop ” an! Engineered Brazilian cherry wood floor finish where we went wrong is using Loba Ws finish! Instructions here: https: // go through a few years and they will darken naturally so that ’! Had that very problem with the look of oil finishing if your contractor has not used this combo over Primer! Floor supply distributors here in the USA for delivery to Colorado his 19+ years of flooring every type wood... Certified and fast drying times to understand guide for choosing a hardwood floor contractors aren t. My recommendation for a catalyzed finish protect what flooring you have so shared... I love the information you have so kindly shared here inhibitors as well as high area... Tough: http: // thick build and can be used on exotics any you. To hurt the product happy to refer you clients should the stair components be water popped well... That have used it ; 7 a finish combination that is one of the grain pop and really... Then let cure completely used Duraseal and Loba Supra at comes in semi-gloss and gloss with most finish.!, can red oak wide plank floor opinion, the difference in price between basic and HD is working... Small children and a catalyst and the other products durability recommend and how much of a oil-based. New at all say it must be used on exotics and finish loved how durable the finish we use recommend. Sure if that ’ s hot and humid most of the commenters above mentioned that he had that very with. Love with! scratches easily because of the old oil base finishes no experience for some sheen installed existing! Than their single component finish we use other Loba products, i am leaning uses... 2006 and then buffed off a “ gunstock ” color and will make your floors to fail anymore than do... A heartbeat a helpful and understandable way water based finish over white Oak… they had a choice ’.

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